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Every Body Moves.

Why Yoga?

New Life Through Yoga

Raevynn Yoga, you could say, is one of the end goals of my life’s journey. I have consistently marched to my own drumbeat. Now, I want to bring my passion and energy to others – I want them to love and accept themselves as they are.

About Us


My calling to teach extends beyond a yoga studio. Long-time friends will tell you that I am always pushing boundaries and borders. I have chosen to be a voice and a safe space for those who frequently feel left out. 

I don’t believe that people should be limited and yoga is no exception to that. My yoga is about inclusivity – EVERYONE is welcome. Raevynn Yoga is intended to be positive and accepting. My classes are a judgement free zone. It’s important to me that you leave a class feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. 



Resources for You

Video Tutorials

Discover YOUR yoga practice with my instructional videos.

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I have put together a list of tools, inspirational people and reading materials that I find helpful for you.

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Find out where and when you can take classes with or meet me at events!

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At 44, I found myself struggling with movement. Everyone knows you have challenges moving when older but this soon? I couldn’t move in certain ways or sit on the floor any longer. Cara-Lea showed me that being plus-sized and over 40 didn’t mean I had to just give up. I could regain my flexibility and abilities to move – I love her classes!

Sarah Luth