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Creative. Intelligent. Fierce. Compassionate. Strong.

Creative. Intelligent. Fierce. Compassionate. Strong.

These words describe me, and yet they don’t cover all of what I am. From a young age, I worked to find balance in my life: fighting against assumptions and attitudes that, at times, left me struggling to make any progress. Accepting and loving myself has been a challenge; one that’s been made more difficult as I’ve observed others struggle to be accepted by society. My memories of those early days are what drive me to stand strong in my belief that inclusion is necessary at every level.

My passion for equality drives my call to service; I lead my classes as both instructor and as a living  example of what’s possible. My message is simple: Yoga is for EVERY body. 

Finding yoga has made such an impact in my life. It allows me to express myself in so many ways, and to adapt with whatever my body needs on a given day. It has allowed me to accept myself as well as provided a space for me to continue to refute society’s labels. Through yoga, I strive to provide love, acceptance, support and courage.

My Background

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Anjeli Yoga

7-Week Adaptive Yoga
Yoga for All

Accessible Yoga Ambassador

20 Hr Foundational Training
Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga


Restorative Yoga
Yoga for You with Kelly Smith


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